Complete Cat Illnesses and Diseases Guide

Being able to recognize all cat illnesses and their symptoms is not easy. A cat can face countless different health problems and some of the symptoms are very subtle and hard to notice. On top of this, some illnesses share the same symptoms, making it difficult for the untrained eye to diagnose a cat’s health issues.
Treating your cat provides another set of challenges. While many home remedies and treatments can be found online, some of them are dangerous and can do further damage to your cat’s health. Many cat owners want to know when they can safely diagnose and treat their cat themselves and when they should ask a veterinarian for help.

Cat Illnesses HQ

This is where we come in. Cat Illnesses HQ provides articles that cover a wide range of cat health problems and diseases. Our aim is to fulfill these three steps: Educate. Equip. Refer.

Educate. The articles on Cat Illnesses HQ are intended to inform you of the causes and symptoms of the many health problems your cat may deal with over the course of its lifetime.

Equip. When and if you are able to determine what problem your cat has, we want to bring the treatments and solutions that are available to you to your attention. These may be in the form of a method you can perform safely at home, a product that can be purchased either at a drugstore or online or a trip to the vet.

Refer. Finally, we will refer you to what we think is the best decision for your cat. It is often much quicker and cheaper to diagnose and treat your cat yourself instead of visiting your vet and paying them fees for a simple diagnosis.

Of course this is not always the case and some cat illnesses require immediate medical attention due to their complexity or severity. The only way of dealing with these problems is to visit your veterinarian and we will always tell you when this is the necessary choice.

Here is a list of some of the more common health problems/symptoms:

Abscess is the term given to describe any build up of pus in or around an infected area. They are often caused by the scrapes and scratches dealt during a cat fight, but any cut has the potential to turn into an abscess if the infection is not treated properly.
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Cat Acne
Acne is a common cat skin disorder. Most occurrences of feline acne aren’t very severe and are quite simple to treat. However, if the acne is not looked after, it can get worse and eventually lead to bacterial infections. The acne usually manifests itself in the form of small black dots or “blackheads” known as comedomes.
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Asthma is an illness that inhibits the ability to breathe. A cat with asthma will periodically experience asthma attacks. An attack is typically includes fast, labored and wheezy sounding breathing through the mouth instead of the nose.
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Conjunctivitis is the medical term to describe swelling and redness of the tissue around the eyes. It is a chronic cat illness that can show up and then disappear many times during a cat’s life. Some causes of conjunctivitis are infection, dysfunctional or non-existent tear ducts and scars left over from previous cases or injuries.
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Dental Problems
It is very important to keep your cat’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Caring for your cat’s dental needs requires constant prevention of plaque and tartar build up.
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Diarrhea is not really an illness. It is actually a symptom of several different cat illnesses. Cats will occasionally get have diarrhea just like we do. Cases are not unusual and will normally go away after several days. The more problematic causes are things like bacterial infections, food allergies and the presence of worms or parasites in your cat’s bowels.
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Ear Mites
Ear mites are small parasites that infest a cat’s ears. They can also live on other areas of the body, but they tend to reside inside the ear canals. They can cause disfigurement and severe ear infections.
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Flea Allergy Dermatitis
Flea Allergy Dermatitis is the most common cat skin disease. Cats that have this disease experience an allergic reaction caused by the chemicals in a flea’s saliva. The severity and spread of a cat’s reaction to a bite will vary, but it is a painful and itchy skin condition.
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Other Helpful Resources

To learn more about the many illnesses and diseases that can affect cats, the cat health page on Wikipedia and Cornell University’s Feline health center are two great starting points that are highly recommended.